Being held annually in Vietnam in the past 15 years since 1996, Hennessy Concert Series has become a high quality, reputable and highly anticipated event for classical music fans.

Organized by the National Center for Performing Arts, Sports and Tourism and Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific, Hennessy Concert is held annually on April 22 at the Hanoi Opera House.
The concert is considered one of the most important music events of the year in Vietnam with the participation of famous musicians in the world.

Objectives & Strategies

Communication Objectives:

  • To consolidate and enhance brand image, those who always try to bring social benefits to the general public
  • To enhance the interest of VIP guests from the Government on Hennessy Concert Series and Hennessy brand

Communication Strategies:

  • Held a press conference to introduce the concert to the public, the media and the authorities
  • Hennessy Concert Series took place at Hanoi Opera House with the aim to share the best moments with classical music fans across the country


  • Press conference in Hanoi to introduce Hennessy Concert Series
  • Performance at the Hanoi Opera House
  • Distribution of press releases, news articles on major media publications to promote the Hennessy Concert Series as well as Hennessy brand