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We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.

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Founded in 1938, WPI’s mission is to help agency members and their customers achieve competitive results through extensive market coverage, creative services, complementary resources and collaboration in real-time, quickly responding to requests, quickly reaching markets and quickly ensuring success. We are the 10th largest full-service agency network in the world, with sales of US $ 2.7 billion, from 80 members spread across 50 countries. We are structured to respond to operations globally, with staff in the head office and region.

Le Bros has become an official member and shareholder since 2013.

Vietnam Marketing
& Communication Club

A community of professional marketers (senior, leader, manager, director) in the field of marketing, branding, marketing communications, digital .. is the first non-profit organization operating for benefits of marketers.

Vietnam Chief of Sales & Marketing Officer Club (CSMO Vietnam)

The one-and-only Club of Sales & Marketing Directors established under the permission of the Vietnam Association of Managers. CSMO Vietnam Club is a united platform for members who are Sales & Marketing directors and leading experts in Sales & Marketing. Operating throughout the country and internationally, connected with foreign partners.

Mr.Le Quoc Vinh is the Vice President of CSMO Vietnam Club.


Born in March 2014 with the expectation of becoming a truly meaningful and humane learning school. The objective of Elite PR is not only to provide students with knowledge of communication and marketing but also to equip them with powerful weapons to become talented people.

Mr.Le Quoc Vinh is the Founder as well as Professor at Elite PR School.