Following the success of 2019, Le Bros continues to accompany SABECO – Saigon Beer, organize the Returning Tet Holiday campaign with the key message “UP AS A DRAGON. CONNECTED AS DRAGONS”, bringing 3,000 employees with good labor results and a will to come back home to celebrate Tet with their families, in which:

  • 1000 special plane tickets to send workers to the provinces of the North and Central and Central Highlands;
  • 2000 car tickets to take workers to Western provinces.

Objectives & Strategies

Communication Objectives:

  • To accompany with the spirit of relentless and overcome the challenges of Vietnamese people on their journey to glory
  • To create the overall success of the country and to building Vietnam’s Pride
  • To enhance and spread the cultural values of Vietnamese people: the union, unity on the occasion of traditional New Year

Communication Strategy:

  • Main communication channels:
    • Social:
      • Facebook Saigon Beer: Saigon Beer
      • Ros Mirosite:
      • YouTube Saigon Special
    • PR: newspapers, television, radio in various forms: editorial, photo stories, e-magazines, long-form articles,…


  • Top 4 Tet campaigns which were discussed the most in Beer industry
  • Top 7 Tet campaigns that were discussed the most on social networks across the market
  • Media value: $304,000 with more than 180 media stories on major newspapers, earned media accounts for 30%
  • A total of 40 posts on Saigon Beer fanpage, nearly 40 posts on hot fanpage and KOLs with more than 10.000 discussions on the campaign, reaching over 7.7 million users, collecting nearly 330.000 interactions