LIBERTY ABS 125 3V recall program was launched in January 2017 due to technical issue.
MEDLEY ABS recall program was launched in November 2017 due to technical issue.



Objectives & Strategies

Communication Objectives

  • To guarantee that the announcement will be delivered positively
  • To portray the campaign as the promotion for customer service and maintenance service to check and adjust products programs
  • To portray the campaign as customer care after purchase

Communication Strategies

  • Actively negotiating and connecting with the Government to help to evaluate the situation positively
  • Directly contacting and care for each and every customers
  • Holding press conference and preparing information release


  • Successfully negotiated with Vietnam Registry Department, Vietnam Competition Administration Department, Consumer Protection Association to issue Press Release with content as desired by the customers
  • Released press releases according to the contents of the timely approved orientation to the press – Managing information and exchanging with reporters to publish information according to the content of the Press Release
  • 13 newspapers had published information on the recall and calibration of vehicles in a neutral manner, in accordance with the contents of the Press Release
  • There was no newspaper digging deeper into the issue or posting articles insulted the brand