Hoang Thanh Book Fair is held annually, especially in 2019 the program has the participation of 25 publishing units inside and outside the country, the Embassy, the food stalls and entertainment. The number of participants increased with a very large number compared to 2018. With the theme “Hanoi City Book Fair for Peace”, the book fair has not only brought the opportunity to access to high quality books but also at the same time to get yourself into the historic atmosphere of Hanoi capital. In collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications and the Hanoi People’s Committee, the event was successfully organized for both participants with a variety of experiences and knowledge as well as organizational units.

Objectives & Strategies

Communication Objectives:

  • To bring an interesting event to people in Hanoi and abroad who are interested in reading
  • Become a unique playground indispensable every year

Communication Strategies:

  • Posting information regularly on the program fanpage
  • Updating seminars, music shows to participants
  • Organising interactive mini games with the reward of titles from major publishers


The book fair has been held successfully